Just when we thought it was over, the next round of business challenges has been thrust upon us.

If you survived COVID and lockdowns, now you have to deal with increasing interest rates, cost of shipping, wages and overall cost of employment and the possibility of looking at workplace reforms. OMG, It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel, or strengthen your resolve to create a profitable, sustainable and robust business.

There are 2 ways to play the game of business… Defensive (playing not to lose) or Offensive (playing to win). If the last few years in business has taught me anything, it’s that innovation trumps caution. What I mean is that playing to win in business means using the prevailing circumstances to your advantage. Reading the play and looking for ways to make it your superpower rather than our achilles heel.

You see, in business, it’s not about turnover(Revenue)… It’s about left over (Profit), and knowing how to maximise your profits despite market conditions is a sure-fire way to guarantee your success.

In this powerful presentation, we’re going to discuss how you can “lean In” to the tightening economy and become more profitable as others are tightening their belts.

There are 3 key elements to making this not only a reality, but the norm in your business. People, Production and Marketing. We've assembled 3 recognised authorities that will share their insight and ideas that will strengthen your business, improve your profit and ensure you take advantage of the economy.

Livestream Date & Time:

Wednesday 24th May 2023 @ 9am

The Presenters:


Conquering the Profitability Squeeze: How Top Companies Excel in Today's Environment

Damien Lacey | OE Partners

2023 has been a great year in terms of revenue, however turning it into profit has been a challenge. Resources are tight and input costs are high so we have no choice but to work smarter… more productively.

Step change improvements to productivity happen when we focus on where it matters. Damien will help by introducing a powerful tool used by world class organisations to drive rapid improvements called Value Stream Mapping.

Bio: Damien Lacey is the Founder of OE Partners and has spent 20+ years in Australia and Japan helping teams transform supply chain and business operations. This session will show you how the world's best companies enable profitable growth through "step-change" improvements in productivity and profits.


How to use your Marketing to Drive Margin

Ben Hirons | Due North

Why is it, in any industry, there are a few businesses killing it, while the majority struggle? In this ground-breaking presentation, Ben distils down the very essence of what great marketing is and the three marketing levers to pull to significantly increase your profit margin.

1. Why most marketing is a straight-out waste of money and what you need to do to ensure your message connects and engages.
2.How to shift your promise to the world from price/features to value.
3.What compound interest has to do with marketing and why it MUST be a priority.

Ben Hirons is the founder of performance marketing agency Due North ( and one of Australia’s foremost marketing experts. Over the last two decades, Ben has started and grown several successful business’ and helped some of the largest and most iconic brands in Australia develop, execute and manage their marketing strategy, understand their analytics, optimise their search marketing and create scalable marketing channels that increase profit margins.


The Great People Squeeze

David Guest | Outcomes Business Group

Low unemployment, increased wages, 4 day work weeks, extended parental leave …. How does a business owner survive this assault on their employment costs? Especially in an inflationary market…

The employment game is changing and will favour the prepared. Learning how to find and keep good people is more important now than ever. With the soaring costs of employment and the high demands on workplace flexibility. Now is the time to lean in and take advantage of this shift.I believe that paying employees by the hour is a relic of the industrial age, and needs to be eradicated wherever possible. That means building a workplace that rewards performance rather than attendance.Imagine employing and paying your team to deliver an outcome, rather than just showing up. That shift in responsibility will…Increase productivityIncrease Job satisfactionReduce time wastingAnd, increase job security

In this powerful presentation, we’ll be discussing how a business can lean into the current job market, how to attract the most productive employees without having to overpay or micro-manage performance. This opportunity will change the way you build your team. Learn how to use this to catapult your business forward.

David Guest is an established business coach and consultant that has helped thousands of businesses grow their profitability and scalability. His profound wisdom and experience will show you how to fasttrack your business growth despite the economic pressures

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